I Am Gifted! Senior

Your teenager’s I Am Gifted! journey begins with the intensive 4-day life-transforming immersion camp, where participants are engaged in dynamic talks, hands-on activities and experiential challenges. They will go home with the 3 Success Skill Sets: Learning Mastery, Personal & Life Mastery, and Relationship & Communication Mastery, giving them the confidence, focus, resilience and motivation […]

I Am Gifted! Junior/Senior Introductory Workshop (FREE)

Attend a 3-hour Free Workshop to Arm Your Child With The Following Skills: Easier, Faster Learning Cut Study Hours by 80% and Still Achieve the A’s in School with THIS Simple Strategy Memorise ANY 30 Words/Phrases in Just 3 Minutes 10-Step Success Formula to Tackle Exams Personal Excellence Have a BIG DREAM and Stop at NOTHING […]