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I Am Gifted!TM Senior School Holiday Programme for 13 – 19 years old

Dear Parents

Your child is now a teenager. This is the age where possibilities are limitless. Yet this is also the age where you’ll have a long list of worries such as peer pressure, self-esteem, future-planning, communication, time management, balancing schoolwork and CCAs etc.

It takes some of us a lifetime to find out what we want in life and how to achieve it; and by then, we might be in our thirties or forties. Your child can realise that earlier through I Am Gifted! Senior school holiday programme for age 13-19.

Your child will be in for five days of highly interactive, engaging and intense activities and games that will motivate them and push their potential. To ensure sustainability, the I Am Gifted! Senior school holiday programme also offers a support system consisting of over 115 hours of training, coaching and mentoring over 3 months.

(P.S. Is your child younger? Learn about our School Holiday Programme for Kids)

The I Am Gifted!™ Senior school holiday programme for teens is especially powerful for:

  • Secondary 4 to 6 students who are about to enter Junior College or are preparing for O-levels, A-levels, and IB examinations.
  • Secondary 1 to 3 students who wish to assimilate new concepts in order to successfully ace academic subjects at school.
  • Students who struggle with self-confidence issues and wish to overcome their shyness
  • Students who lack focus in classes because they are disinterested
  • Students who are keeping up with their studies but lacks drive
  • Students who love to make new friends and learn new concepts
  • Children who want to build stronger bonds with their families

After attending this course, your child will be able to:

  • Cut Study Hours by 80% and Still Achieve the A’s in School
  • Memorise any 30 Words/Phrases in Just Minutes
  • Confidently tackle exams and score A’s
  • Read up to 5 times faster and 30% higher retention
  • Have a BIG DREAM and Stop at NOTHING to Achieve It
  • Speak In Front of a Hundred People Confidently
  • Stop Saying “I Can’t do it” or “I Don’t Know” & Instead, Say “I MUST Do It!”
  • Have Stronger, Better Relationships With Parents, Siblings & Friends
  • Understand how to improve use of time
  • Overcome challenges in life and strengthen focus and discipline
  • Understand and communicate better, show respect and appreciation for siblings and parents

In the 5 day programme, your child will learn

  • The Ultimate Success Formula
  • 10 Step Success Formula For School
  • 80 – 20 Rule
  • Speed Reading Techniques
  • Super Memory Strategies
  • Sticky Note Making
  • Teamwork
  • The Winner’s Mindset
  • Empowering Beliefs
  • Emotional State Management
  • Nurturing Harmonious Relationships
  • Nurturing The Genius In Your Child
  • Simple Language Tricks to Win Your Child Over & Make Them See You As Their Best Buddies Without Them Knowing
  • The Emotions That Drive Children
  • Expressing Your Love For Your Child In A Way They Get
  • A Child’s Model Of The World
  • I Am Gifted! Senior Programme (4 days)
  • Graduation ceremony for child and family
  • Course materials: manual, colour pens, sketch pad
  • Pre-attendance package (parents and child to complete before programme)
  • Meals for Lunch and Dinner
  • Graduate support system

We believe we have best study program because our graduates are entitled to:

  • Optional: 5 week coaching sessions (extra fees apply)
  • Invitations to quarterly empowerment workshops
  • Invitations to quarterly parent excellence workshops
  • Invitations to I Am Gifted! coach, work attachment training
  • Unlimited programme re-attendance (extra fees may apply)
  • Unlimited online mentoring by master trainers

Optional: subject specific tutoring at Adam Khoo Learning Centre for additional child development

Next Intake

I Am Gifted! Senior Camp (13-19 years)


26 – 29 June 2019, Wednesday – Saturday


20 – 23 June 2019, Thursday – Sunday


17 – 19 June 2019, Monday – Wednesday


13 – 15 June 2019, Thursday – Saturday

Keen to enrol your child? Bring them for our FREE introductory workshop!

3-Hour Introductory Workshop for the I Am Gifted!™ School Holiday Programme

Come join us and discover how these simple skills and techniques can help improve your children’s attitude towards life and study!