Parents / Guardians must each write a letter of appreciation and love in the sheets provided addressed to your child.
This love letter is to focus on your child’s strengths, good points and past deeds which you appreciate. Do NOT mention any negative points or tell your child what to do or what you expect (this is more appropriate for another time). Rather, explore your feelings of pride, satisfaction, etc and fully appreciate your child for the things he/she has done, and the person he/she has grown to be. Do focus on events that have been particularly significant to you.
Your child must NOT know of this arrangement. This love letter will be given to your child at the appropriate moment within the camp.
  1. What is the love letter for?

One of the highlights of the camp is a relationship session that specifically focuses on the bond and relationship between you and your child. During the camp, your child will learn of the importance of appreciating their parents and siblings; people closest to them and who believe in them the most. He/she will also be given the chance to reflect on how they have been treating their family members. At the end of the camp, it would be empowering for them to receive a letter of appreciation, encouragement and love from you.    2. What needs to be covered in the love letter?

What to include (with specific examples as far as possible) – Why you love your child – What you love about your child  – What has he/she done to make you proud – Things you appreciate about your child – What he/she does that bring you joy – Celebrate your child’s achievement – Encouragement – That no matter what happens; you love your child for who he/she is

What to exclude – How your child has disappointed you – What you expected from your child (eg. All I ever wanted was for you to be a good boy) – Your child’s bad points, habits and past failures – How you think the camp will make your child better – Labels you have given to your child (loser, slow, etc…) – Your past grievances towards your child – Complaining to your child how much you have put in and given up – How your child has failed to appreciate your efforts and the comforts he/she has been given

  1. Disclaimer

For the exercise to be successful and for your child to leave the camp empowered and encouraged, your child’s coach (allocated only when the camp commences) will be checking through the letter to guarantee utmost optimism and affirmation.

Refer to a sample