The 3 Important Values that Parents Need to Share with Their Child

The 3 Important Values that Parents Need to Share with Their Child

As parents, we always look forward to how our children will grow up to be successful, responsible, and happy adults. That is why we give our 100% into providing them with the best education available, but is that enough? Good academic education alone WILL NOT guarantee success. As responsible parents, there are important life values which we have to teach to our children for them to develop a positive character and mindset.

However, we have to realize that we don’t have all the time in the world to teach them before they mature. Days will turn into weeks, and into months before we know it. That is why we should not teach them everything. Teach our children to focus on the most important values instead of everything.

  1. Teach them to forgive

Being able to forgive others takes a lot of courage. It is not easy for our children to learn this on their own, since the easier option is to be angry and bitter. Of course we don’t want our child to grow up bitter and filled with resentment.

Let them know that even adults can make mistakes sometimes, yet we forgive each other. Growing up with the mindset that we need to give forgiveness when it’s due, will lead to a healthier mindset which is more open to new opportunities.

  1. Teach them to be thankful

Nowadays I see a lot of children who take everything for granted. They forget that behind their comfortable lifestyle, there are others like their drivers and maids who made it possible. There are other children who are less fortunate, with less food, clothing, and shelter. Teach them that they need to be thankful to others who made their lifestyle possible. This will ensure that later when they grow up, they know how to treat their workmates well.

  1. Teach them to understand that failure is a learning experience

Too many children nowadays are afraid of making mistakes. They are afraid of failing. As parents, we need to teach them that failing is a human concept. Don’t be afraid of failure since you will learn a lot from it. Don’t lose hope after failing once since success might be around the next corner.

Teach your children that effort also matters. Let them know that as parents, we are proud of them for doing their best. Our children failing will not make us love them less. Make that failure a learning experience and do your best to move from there. In the words of our I Am Gifted™ Camptrainers, we have to Focus on the Outcome; not on past mistakes.

Remember that the difference between a successful person and a non-successful one is how they deal with failures.

m. v. saliechan

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