As part of our commitment to uphold excellence and being the best that we can be, we find it necessary to make it clear upfront what you can expect from us and what we expect from you in return.
This camp is a training session designed to augment your child’s personal effectiveness.
  1. Those undergoing medical and/or psychological treatment during this session must be made known to the organisers prior to the start of the training.
  2. The programme aims to open possibilities to participants so that they can put control back into their daily life. The programme and organisers therefore do not claim responsibility for the actions and decisions of the participants.
Ground Rules
Setting rules assists in having a large group of people working cooperatively in a consistent framework. The following ground rules are integral to the success of the AKLTG training experience.
We expect participants to:
  1. Maintain confidentiality of any experiences shared.
  2. Do not chit chat. Ask questions, talk, and share only when acknowledged by the trainer or during designated sharing periods.
  3. Wear the name tag in a visible location during the camp. Return the nametag before the end of each day.
  4. Does not take down recording of any kind during the training sessions as all information shared during the camp is confidential. AKLTG reserves the rights to remove any equipment that may be used for such purposes and will return them at the end of the day to the respective owners. AKLTG reserves the right to record and photograph limited segments of the training as owners of the seminar.
  5. Keep away all handphones, beepers and any other devices as they are strictly not allowed in the training room.
  6. Be responsible for the condition of the premises and respect others that use them.
On your part, please ensure that your child:
  1. Attends the entire camp.
  2. Be on time.
Our trainers reserve the right to exclude any participant from the camp for any reason. In this event, AKLTG will refund the full tuition.
Our Commitment to You
  1. Delivering the camp in an environment that is fun, stimulating and exciting.
  2. Providing instructors who are charismatic, powerful communicators and who have had years of experience with children.
  3. Gathering feedback for assessment and incorporate into future programmes.
Your Commitment To Us
    1. Arrive on time for registration.
    1. If you are unable to attend a camp for which you have registered, a postponement notice must be given via fax (65) 6841 5153 or email( 14 days prior to commencement date, otherwise, an administrative fee of $200 will be imposed.
    1. Communicate any feedback directly to us.
    1. Let us know of any change in address at
  1. Make your payment on time.
During the Camp
Visualisation Processes
During the process, your child may be asked to visualise a situation as guided by the trainer. Music and the dimming of lights to facilitate relaxation and promote creativity are usually used during these processes. Guided visualisation process also help your child to integrate learning as it is a tried and proven scientific approach that enhances and supports your child ’s learning. This gives the opportunity for team learning, self-esteem development, and personal growth.
Throughout the camp your child will have the opportunity to learn about themselves through communication: talking to one another or to the entire group about what they are learning, and listening to the experiences of the others. Such sharing may occur one-to-one, in small groups, or in front of the entire group.